by silverhawk79

The premiere destination for finding out about the latest and greatest games writing, media, podcasts, guides, and more, Good Games Writing has been a trusted curator and steward of the best games writing from around the web since 2011.

It was founded in response to negativity surrounding the gaming culture and gaming media. Initially conceived as a place to share only the best works he found about gaming, Good Games Writing grew into a hub for people who wanted to turn the discussion on games media around, changing the discourse through their words and actions.

Today, Good Games Writing also initiates professional development for games media members, awards the best games writing in its annual Goodies awards, aggregates jobs postings in and around games media, fundraises for worthy causes, and carries out a number of other tasks to benefit the media industry surrounding games.

Good Games Writing is the flagship website on the GoodGamesWriting network that also includes Liftoff!, a kids oriented science/gaming/tech publication, and in 2021 will exclusively publish Nookenomics: Animal Crossing & Economics, a collection of essays and lesson materials on the adorable franchise and its economics influences.