#PitchJam and #CritJam — More Information

Someone pitched about pitching.

Howdy all!

You’re invited to #PitchJam & #CritJam — our week-long celebration of games writing — starting July 16th.

To date, more than 150 writers have signed on to be a part of our celebration and that number exceeds the total of our last event. With less than a week to go, we expect that number to continue to climb. Will you join our celebration dedicated to improving your writing skills, your pitching acumen, and help you network?

Oh, and you have to RSVP if you want to participate.

Pitch Jam

Pitch Jam is your chance to have a pitch — for a written piece, comic, or video series — critiqued by the pros. The pros, currently, are (in no particular order):

  • Greg Tito – The Escapist
  • Carli Velocci – freelance
  • Russ Pitts – the Indiana Jones of games writing
  • Steve Watts – Shacknews
  • Richard Moss – freelance
  • Alan Williamson – Five Out of Ten
  • Susan Arendt – Joystiq
  • Andrew Yoon – formerly of Shacknews
  • Daniel Starkey – freelance
  • Patrick Lindsey – freelance
  • Kyle Orland – Ars Technica
  • Brian Shea – VideoGameWriters
  • Miguel Concepcion – freelance (video)
  • Jenny McKeon – 151 (comics)
  • Laura Dale – IndieHaven
  • Hollander Cooper -formerely of GamesRadar

Pitch Jam will take place over the course of three days, and every pitch we receive will get feedback assuming the following three conditions are met:

a) You’ve RSVP’d. Do that here.

b) The pitch is approved by our frontline staff member. That is to say…you’re showing respect and pitching in a professional manner.

c) Your pitch has been received within the 72 hour period starting the 16th and going through the 18th. Pitches WILL NOT be accepted after the cutoff.

NOTE: You retain all ownership of your pitches. Pitches received through this event are not solicitations of our expert panel, and our panel cannot solicit you through this event. However, please be advised that your ideas, while original, may have been pitched before and similar ideas may or may not be published by others on paid outlets after the conclusion of this event.

Crit Jam

Immediately following Pitch Jam will be Crit Jam.

Crit Jam consists of two aspects. The first will be a chance to show off any piece of criticism you’ve published within the last three calendar months to our expert panel OR an unpublished piece. You’ll receive detailed feedback on your criticism providing it is received during the weekend.

The second dimension of Crit Jam is the writing contest. We’ll provide the broad strokes — a theme if you will — and challenge you to write some type of criticism during the Jam. The point is to just write. We’ll also, y’know, have prizes and such too, so look out for it.

Currently, folks such as Daniel Starkey, Nick Capozzoli, Eric Swain, and Scott Nichols have confirmed their participation focusing on your criticism. This list, like the above list of panelists, will continue to grow.

Did we mention you need to RSVP?


Supplementary materials will be provided during the event as well.

We’ll have chats with our expert panels, writing resources, and so forth. We hope you’ll find enjoyment in the materials we provide. However, you’re welcome to request things (ie. pitching etiquette) by tweeting us @GoodWritingVG through this weekend.

You can back-channel with us by using the #PitchJam and #CritJam hashtags on Twitter. We’ll respond. Last time we received more than 1000 tweets about our event.

We’re still looking to add to our panel as we face increasing numbers of participants during our week-long celebration. If you’ve relevant experience in criticism or pitching please consider serving as a panelist. You’ll be loved by us forever. You can find out what that entails by tweeting us @goodwritingvg.

Finally, this is super important, you MUST RSVP. No RSVP, no expert help. That simple. We’ll say it each and every day leading up until the event.

RSVPing closes at 23:59:59 MTN on July 15, 2014. (Missed the RSVP? Hit up @GoodWritingVG on Twitter.)

RSVP here, and do it ASAP.

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